Saturday, July 02, 2005

Trip to the Zoo

We're back from the National Zoo in D.C....what a day. It was hot, but it could have been worse. We took the metro (which the kids prefer) and had a wonderful time.
We saw Bald Eagles, cheetahs, giraffes and elephants, pelicans and a sea lion sunning itself, giant bear sloths, free ranging Golden Lion Tamarins, which are beautiful golden orange monkeys. There were monkeys, a huge gorilla, (very serious face, which made me wonder who was watching who.) He looked out at us as though he scorned us. A new section called 'Amazonia' held an indoor 'Amazon', complete with water, huge fish, (piranhas too), stingrays and watersnakes, poison dart frogs, free-range monkeys and birds and huge trees with hanging vines and misty humitidy. Flitting colorful birds darted back and forth from branch to branch near our faces. It was incredible.
We didn't get in to see the pandas, which was the only thing I was disappointed about.
It's also fun to see the variety of people from all over the world at the zoo. I took lots of photos of the animals and plan to completely revise my latest PB dummy needs it.
It was a beautiful day and we're all ready for a good rest. I'm going to put those images down on paper as soon as possible.

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