Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sketching Fears

I don't know how, but my last post got deleted. I'm rewriting it here.
I was rambling on about my new "Illustrating Children's Books-Creating Pictures for Publication by Martin Salisbury. It arrived in the mail three days ago. I highly recommend it for an children's book illustrators. I believe PB authors would appreciate it as well, and learn much from it about the process of creating the illos for a PB. In It, Salisbury covers such things as, A Brief History of PBs and the art in them. Drawing, Media Materials and Techniques, Character Development, The Picture Book, Illustration for Older Children, Non-fiction Illustration, Design and Typography, and Getting Published. The book is in full color and has wonderful samples of sketches, and art from various artists. It gave me the encouragement to get out of my "wimpy art fears" of sketching from life. Drawing from life has always been one of my favorite things to do, and yet I've held back from it due to fears of the outcome not being perfect.
I plan to do some sketching at the 4th of July event we'll attend.

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