Thursday, July 28, 2005

Picture Book Dummy nearly done

I've got 5 more pages to go before my first draft of this Picture book dummy is done.
Anyone who thinks it's a breeze to write and illustrate a picture book has no idea how tough it is.
If you're like me, or countless other children's authors and illustrators, you've gotten that blank look from people when you tell them your dreams of writing &/or illustrating for children. At times it's a look of pity...the thoughts are nearly transparent as they consider "Poor delusional creature...nothing else to do with her time...." or maybe you've had people tell you they also have some good ideas for a children's story they plan to whip up someday and get published. (If only it was that easy)
I am careful who I tell my dreams to. Chances are, if the person has any love of the arts, they'll "get it", but it's still a risk.
There are the dream squashers, who tell you how very difficult/impossible it is.
Of course it's difficult, it's nearly impossible, but it can be done with a tremendous dose of determination, practice, stubborn application in every area, drawing, writing, searching, studying, submitting, failing, getting back up, submitting and reworking the art and manusript, taking critiques with an open and humble heart and mind.
I believe it is a dream that can be reached.
For now....just getting this first draft of the book dummy will be a major coup for me though.
After this, I plan to redo the whole thing.
Here is a link about creating a book dummy from Meghan McCarthy's site. She's got lots of experience at it.


Roz said...

I know what you mean. I've experienced the glazed over look myself a time or two. You're in good company here Amy. People visiting your blog know how tough it is and can celebrate the milestones with you. Cheers!

Amy C. Moreno said...

The best thing is that it's so much fun, even in the midst of the hard work. I love the illustrating and writing.
How are you doing? Your work is wonderful. Let me know what's up with it. I'm sure you've got some good clients and projects going on.