Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sketches from Maine

I'm going to post a few sketches from Maine.
There aren't many, and they are faint, since I used an H3 pencil most of the time, but here they are. I wish I had done more, so that the feel of the ocean and the people showed up better, seems that's always the way it goes. Between keeping my eyes on the kids out there and watching the tide come in, I didn't sketch as much as I wish. I don't know why the images are so blurry in the small version.

Today has been distracting. First there was a dental appointment, then the AC guy here to check our heater/air unit, later kids over visiting..I didn't get other things done today. Summer seems to be that way....There's a definite need for flexibility and grabbing the moments that come. It seems to have finally cooled down here in VA after some heavy-duty thunder storms. There was supposed to be dime size hail...luckily we didn't have any around us.

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