Friday, July 01, 2005

Running to the Mailbox

I don't know about you, but I love getting the mail every day. You never know what fun surprises will be there...even if several days of opening the mailbox only yields bills and junk mail...before you know it a personal letter comes, or a glossy Spider Magazine, Chico's catalog, Mary Englebreit or Martha Stewart Kids Mag is there (Can you tell I'm a magazine addict as well as a bookaholic?) Imagine the piles of papers and books at my home. Of course all of these are vital research material for my illos and kid's writing. I really do use these magazines for reference material. Another one, my Favorite, is the Oilily catalog, which I think is discontinued....w-a-a-a-a-a-h! They seem to do the marketing mostly online now, not by catalog. If you've received it, you know why I love it. Talk about inspiring for kid's illos..I think they may have realized that people like me were ordering the catalog, and never buying the costly clothes...just drooling over the colorful images, and beautifully photographed kids.
Opening my email affects me much the same as going to the mailbox. Seeing familiar names from illustration and children's writing lists never fails to brighten my day.
I'm as compulsive about collecting email goodies as books and magazines. Some of my favorites are the Insight of the Day. It never fails to inspire me. I've printed countless of these quotes out and forwarded just as many. They keep me motivated to create and send work out. Publisher's Weekly provides a daily email update about what's happening in the publishing world. Another is the weekly news about children's books that I mentioned a few days ago. For sheer fun, there's always The Toymaker's Workshop by Marilyn Scott Waters. You've got to check hers, even if you don't check the others. She has printable toys created in a colorful, joyful style. There's also Jan Brett's kid friendly website which has terrific ideas, printable activities for kids, and is updated regularly.
With all of this, it's a wonder I get any art or writing done! I hope you enjoy some of it too!

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