Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tempting Websites

Here are a few I've known of for awhile, and some I just found.
Warning, for those who easily empty the wallet to buy rare children's books, original children's collectable illustrations and books, this site may be dangerous.
It's called Books of Wonder. I heard the store owner speak at the Feb. SCBWI conference in NYC.
After getting back from NYC, I hurried to the site and bought an authographed poster by Leo and Diane Dillon . They are two of my all time favorite illustrators. If I lived in NYC I'd be hounding the store. It seems they have illustrator and author visits from time to time, and they are very selective about their books and items.
A website I just discovered this morning is Down Home Books. There are many interviews here with children's authors.
Another site for illustrators who want a weekly challenge is Illustration Friday. I just joined yesterday (as if I need another thing to do). Each week a topic is given, and the illustrations for the topic are posted online on Friday.

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