Friday, July 29, 2005

Book Dummies

Here's some more info on the book dummy topic. You'll be blown away by this site. It features Mark Hiner, a paper engineer, and shows the process of his book dummies!
Here's a wonderful page from Ruth Sanderson's website, showing how she works on her books. I met her at a Mid-Atlantic SCBWI conference down in southern VA over a year ago, when she gave a session. Her work is stunning.
Here's a website showing the process of Scott Gibala-Broxholm's book dummies and production.
These websites are fascinating. Seeing the raw work in dummies is one of my favorite things. There's such power and intrigue in watching the process of something being formulated, sweated over, imagined, tweaked, and finalized. I think more than anything, I'd like to see an exhibit of picture book dummies of many picture book illustrators and authors.
I'll try to post more links later. The troops are restless.....
OK. I'm back now..the daily errands are done.
Here's a website that should be bookmarked by all serious childrens' book illustrators and writers. It's the Yellapalooza site. I'm blessed to know one of the women who works on the site. She's a gem. Here's the page about creating book dummies for picture books. It's full of great info.
This link to Robert Sabuda's website isn't exactly about book dummies, but it does have fascinating links and at least one pop up that can be printed out and made.
Here's an interview of Doug Cushman from the France SCBWI region. He discusses his process.
Finally I found a link about Eric Carle's book dummies. I wanted to find some images of his book dummies, in photographed format. I haven't found that, but this link is a good one.


Beth said...

Hi Amy! I love your website, I'm always finding lots of great links to go see. And good luck with your picture book! Beth

Beth said...

Hi Amy! I love your website, I'm always finding lots of great links to go see. And good luck with your picture book! Beth

Amy C. Moreno said...

I'm so glad you like the blog! Thanks for stopping by to read it.
I love the doggy pic! What's his/her name?
Thanks for the wishes on my book dummy. It's a blast to work on.

Andhyka said...

Amy, ur blog is so nice. I enjoy reading it. Best of lucks...

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