Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One Pen and Ink drawing...nearly finished

Here it is. I must be insane. I took this job on at the last minute before Christmas..not only that, but it's about 22"x14"..much larger than normal..making everything take longer due to the amount of detail and grass, buildings, etc. I pieced it together to copy it at Staples. It didn't fit on the copy machine, which explains the line down the middle..
Tomorrow I have to finish the next drawing...I am crazy.....

Actually...I've got to finish the bush on the right hand side of this...a bit more.
The client who ordered this has been a gem. Even though it was a tight push for Christmas, it was worth doing. You can't tell by this image, but the building on the far left is a horse barn..huge..with a gorgeous stone entrance..and houses an indoor ring.

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