Tuesday, December 13, 2005

La Bloga: El pinatero/ The Pinata Maker

La Bloga: El pinatero/ The Pinata Maker

I found out about this today on the Chicken Spaghetti blog..(one of my favorites..listed on the few links left there on the right of my blog)
I'm going to add La Bloga to my link of "multicultural links" on my website.
(even though I use the term...I really dislike the term..multicultural..for some reason it sets things apart, as though different, when in reality are all multicultural....)

Thanks again Chicken Spaghetti for another terrific link.

I also received my book Magic Pencil-Children's Book Illustration Today in the mail the other day. It's an unusual book, put out by The British Council, and The British Library, and compiled/written by Quentin Blake. I can't wait to get into it. Many of the illustrations in it are wonderful.

Today I added just a few of the former links I had on the blog. I've got many more to add.

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