Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mamani Mamani

Here's an image from an amazing Bolivian artist called Mamani Mamani. I found out about him when my sister-in-law brought me a print from Bolivia of his work. He creates dynamic colorful images of traditional Bolivian people and places. His work has been recognized around the world and he is gaining in popularity and recognition. I'd love to have a piece of his original work.

Ginger Pixels

Ginger Pixels Take a moment to see Ginger's blog, her illustrations, and read some comments about her time at the NESCBWI conference that she attended this weekend.

The Illustrator's Club 13th Juried Exhibit

I'm finally getting a chance to post my experience from the opening of the DC Illustrator's Club 13th Juried Exhibit. The show opened on Thursday night. The Edison Place Gallery on 702 8th St. NW, Washington DC holds the exhibit. A large group of people came out for the event, viewing 119 illustrations while enjoying wine, cheese, wonderful food and cake to celebrate the organization's 20th year. The work shown is fantastic. I'll list as many of my favorites as I can. The most outstanding in my mind were 4 large oil paintings winning awards, created by Alexander Bostic. Each of his paintings showed a strong sense of emotion, rich oil painting technique, and the highest level of skill in it's creation. Bostic won the Best of Show and a silver award for two of his 4 pieces. If you take the time to view his work online you'll see why. I wish I could have met him in person. I couldn't find out who he was in the mix of people there. I was able to meet many of the artists with work there, and enjoyed seeing the work and introducing my children and husband to several of the illustrators I had met as well. The kids appreciated meeting the people who had created the images.
Another artist whose work won a gold award and drew much appreciation, was Frank Riccio, who hales from Charlottesville, VA, where we used to live. Unfortunately it doesn't seem he has a website to view his work from. My kid's voted his piece to be "Best of Show"
Another wonderful illustrator is Bob Wood. Not only is his work outstanding, but he is a very gracious man. He met my children and spoke with them patiently and with careful attention. This same character shows in his art work. Clinton Helms also had a wonderful oil painting a la "Norman Rockwell portrait at the easel" but it seems he doesn't have a website where his work can be seen. Another of my favorite artists was Greg Harlin, whose realistic watercolor illustrations from a book about Valley Forge were gorgeous. His work is on the same website as Bob Wood's work. I haven't been able to pin down specific art for both men there yet, due to the format of the website. Hopefully you'll be able to figure it out better than I have so far.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Zimbabwe Animation-Junkmation

There's a new brand of animation. It's called Junkmation. A huge boom of animation and movie production has been going on in Cape Town, South Africa. The Legend Of The Sky Kingdom, produced by Zimbabwe-based Philip and Jacqui Cunningham, is directed by Roger Hawkins. It's sure to be a big hit..leading to more movies and animated creations. The creatures they've created from junk are incredible.

Ben and Jerry's Flavor Contest

Here's a cachibachi for you......Ben and Jerry's is having a contest to name an unusual flavor for their ice cream.

Monday, April 24, 2006

DC Illustrator's 13th Juried Exhibit

William Brown created this scratchboard illustration for The DC Illustrator's Club 13th annual Juried Exhibit. The opening reception for the event takes place on April 27th from 6:30-8:30pm at The Edison Place Gallery, 702 8th St. NW, in Washington DC. I am honored to have 2 pieces in the exhibit. When I went to drop off my art on Saturday, much of the art was there already. I'm extremely honored to be included in a group exhibit like this. It's a fantastic collection of incredible illustrations. If you're in the area, try to attend the opening, or see the show sometime between April 27th and June 30, 2006.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blog Traffic Central

Blog Traffic Central There are some great blog marketing techniques and links here.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Just a quick note to say Happy Easter! Ours has been wonderful....lilacs are blooming, dogwoods, tulips, birds singing..warmer weather, and a special day at church with gorgeous music and a message that inspired hope and a grateful heart. Then the ham, easter candy, and yummy food topped it all off for a day to remember.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Teri's Painted Daisies

Teri's Painted Daisies

Spring Fever

I don't know what it is, but Spring seems to hit here with a rush of activity on every front. I'm trying to catch up with my blog after nedglecting it for awhile. I've been busy framing two pieces for the D.C. Illustrator's Club 13th Juried Show. The opening night is April 27th, and the show remains up until June. I'll add more details later....have to find the info somewhere around one of my piles of paper....

Once Upon a Story

Once Upon a Story

The Magic of Books

The Magic of Books

Big A little a

Big A little a

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Ward-O-Matic: Once Upon a Wintertime

The Ward-O-Matic: Once Upon a Wintertime I know..I've blogged the Ward-o-Matic blog before..but I enjoy the illustrations and things he posts. Take a look at the illustrations from his collections of "Little Golden Books"

Ian Sands :: Children's Book Writings & Illustrations

Ian Sands :: Children's Book Writings & Illustrations
Here's another children's illustrator/writer blogging about the process.

Illustration Friday-Spring

Here's an image I created awhile ago, but it seems to fit this Illustration Friday's theme, 'Spring'
I'm trying to upload the image but have been having problems..hopefully soon it will show up...