Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Online Marketing Opps for Illustrators/Artists

Most of you probably know about these online sites, but just in case, think of the opportunities to market your art on Flickr, placing various images on your blog and website in small areas that people can click on and see quickly. I've seen it used combined with favorite books or sites, but for illustrators it's a perfect venue to show off art.
Another place similar to Cafepress (probably the most widely known) is Zazzle, where I've had customized stamps made of my art before. You can have t-shirts made here and other items. I haven't checked the pricing or quality, but it's a good one to check out.
I got started down this rabbit-trail after seeing a post of the Hobotopia blog on another illustrator's blog. Go see his work. It's hilarious. He has created 700+ hobo cartoon/characters.

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