Sunday, January 21, 2007

Grow Up, and Be A Kid Again!

It's funny how you hit times in your art/illustration journey where somehow you get a kick in the pants. It usually happens to me in the strangest ways.
Mine recently came to me in the form of hitting a mental realization that this gift/talent of art, writing and creativity has been given to me for the purpose of developing it to it's finest point, and that it isn't a thing to be treated lightly or relegated to the corner until an easier or less busy time.
The funny part is that as a children's illustrator it's hard to sense how seriously to take it and yet maintain a childish heart in the subject matter.
The main message I got in my strange way, in the form of a command, was that it's Time to GROW UP, and BE A KID AGAIN!
(I think the children's illustrators and writers that may read this will get what that means.) It's hard to explain in any other way than that.

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