Saturday, January 13, 2007

Brain Bashers also Albright-Knox Art Games

Hey yall' itsa' me once again! J-Zee. As you can guess, I LOVE brain teasers! So I was so called 'researching' and I happened to find a Brain Bashers website! It is filled with fun stuff to do in your free time. Youknow when you're in those situations where you're on the computer and you don't want to get up, you don't want to do your artwork that is due in 3 days, and you don't knwo what to do. So you just click here and you won't be bored and while you're having fun you will be 'learning' the hard way- tricks! Have fun!

Here's another little fun thing I found. Kids will loooooooooooooove this because you learn about the primary colors, how to color in things, what colors look good together, and lots more! You should definetly check this out for yourself!

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