Sunday, January 14, 2007

Book-lovers Bonaza

Here are some more sites for book-lovers. (all of you who are book fanatics probably already know about most of these, but hey...maybe we'll draw some more folks into the addiction of on and offline book addiction.
The first is Bookcrossing, an organization that gathers bookowners from all over the world allowing them to share or release previously owned books randomly to others who may enjoy them. It's fascinating, fairly well known, and a great cause.
Another place to find kindred spirits in bookyearning is Library Thing (it's similar to the online site I posted several weeks ago called Shelfari.) This one seems to have been around a bit longer, and may be a bit more established. Both are good.
And here's a site of another book-lover.
I'm reading David Baldacci's book The Collectors, which also deals with rare books and collectors of them. There are some fascinating scenes dealing with that aspects of books.

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