Monday, December 19, 2005

I've heard good things about It's a self-publishing company that allows the client to publish as many or few books as they want. I haven't used their services yet, but consider it a great idea for book dummies. I heard from one woman on a children's writer's list that their products and services are very good. It's a great option for producing samples, book dummies or just personalized books. I also think it would be lots of fun for children to have their work made into books this way.


Daniel said...

Apple also has something similar – the ability to make and order (printed) "coffee table" books, directly from their photo management software, iPhoto... usually with just a few clicks of the button. (Select a photo album, select a template, write a few words if you wish, and iPhoto does the rest!)

I've toyed briefly with the idea of using this to create dummies as well, except I'm not a professional illustrator, so don't have any real need.

It's still very neat... the affordability, flexibility, and ease of creating your own professionally bound books! Now available at a computer near you!

Amy C. Moreno said...

Wow. That's a great option. Thanks for the tip!