Saturday, December 24, 2005

Antoine Antin's website

Check out aAntin's website. His animation and style is wonderful. Some of the video clips may take awhile to view. I couldn't view them on my dial-up connection (besides..I should not be blogging right now)
I justify it because.....I'm taking a break..I made fudge, got last minute groceries, watched my husband creating culinary wonders, and now need to go make some more goodies and get ready for a beautiful Christmas Eve service. Christmas Eve services are one of the highlights of the year for me...there's something extra special about taking time, finally, in the midst of the hectic season to pause, quiet down and listen to the message I need to sing age-old songs with dear friends and...being an the glow from the candles as they are lit, and the light spreads throughout the congregation. I can't wait.
For now..I'm off to make some yummy chili cheese dip. If it turns out as well as I remember it, I'll try to post the recipe after Christmas.

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