Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Rainbow

We had a wonderful Christmas eve and Christmas day, celebrating with friends at church, family at home, and extended family later on in the day. It was a joy. Aside from the most important aspects of being together, opening gifts, eating and having fun, something special happened. Around mid-day during the rain, the sun came out. It shone for quite awhile. It was a dazzling bright sunshine, not just the kind that peeks out for a few seconds and retreats behind the clouds. I love it when this happens. I ran outside to look for a rainbow and saw a clear rainbow stretching across the horizon, behind our neighbor's trees. It lasted for over 5 minutes and was very bright. The grass was also misty due to snow melting in the rain, and the combination of the bright sunshine, light rain and mist rising with the rainbow was breathtaking.
I took it as a special gift. (I'm a great believer in taking note of signs in nature..whether it's a cardinal, or a sweet bird song, or a rainbow on Christmas day.)
It was a personal reminder of the day's true meaning and the Gift we celebrate on Christmas day.


Roz said...

Oh amy, I'm so glad you brought this up. We had a rainbow on christmas day and we couldn't believe what a gift we had been given! Especially since it was a clear blue day with no rain in sight. What a lovely blessing and reminder of what is important.

purple_kangaroo said...

Wow, how special! Merry Christmas.