Friday, December 30, 2005

IllustrationMundo-Another Illustrator's Forum

I just found Illustration Mundo this morning. It's an online forum for illustrators. (Just what I need...another online forum to be intrigued by.)

I'm starting an illustration for the NYC SCBWI conference in Feb. Hopefully I'll get it to work out the way I see it in my mind. Things always seem to glow in my mind..but getting them on paper is another thing. I've got to grab every moment I can to do the illustration. Things get hectic during Christmas/holiday break. Every time I think it's time to sit down and create, there's an appointment to go to, or friends and family visiting. These come first and I'm thrilled to have each friend and loved one here, but I've been fighting to get back on track. Time to get offline and get to the drawing board.

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