Friday, August 05, 2005

Maurice Sendak, Costumes and other Cachibachis

On the yahoo illustrator's list the topic came up about the Maurice Sendak exhibit going on in
The Jewish Museum in NYC. I wish I could have gone. As well as being an illustrator, Sendak designs costumes for theatre. Can you imagine wearing one of his costumes? What a treat!
As I thought of Sendak and his costumes, I remembered this costume website from years back. It's called The Costumer's Manifesto (beware...very addicting topic and website..if you're anything like me, this may bring you off into another area that you wish to learn more about) I had been searching the net for reference material for illustrations years ago, and found the site. The links and techniques are of the type that can draw you in forever.
On another tangent..somewhat related (can you tell I suffer from some ADD? sorry)
I wanted to recommend if you're ever watching DVDs of Disney movies, check out the extras. The other day we watched Pirates of the Caribbean. The extras showed a whole section on the costuming, and how the costumes were aged by turning them in a cement mixer with bricks! They also showed wonderful sections on how they learned the sword-fighting techniques and choreography with a master sword fighter from the days of Erol Flynn. Many of the Animated Disney films have extras showing how they drew the characters and came up with the designs and ideas, voices, etc. One of my favorite DVDs for the extras on the animation and production of the movie was Stewart Little (I think it was #2) Wow. Amazing stuff. Rent it and watch.
There....I'm off of that costuming, theatre, animation tangent, but wanted to encourage anyone who hasn't checked out those DVD extras to do so. It's like a mini education in the behind the scenes of animation. It's also a great source for reference material in illustrating! DVDs can be put right in the computer in order to get some good action shots, underwater scenes, space scenes, unusual animals, kids, backdrops, historical or cultural situations that aren't easy to find info on, to use for reference when illustrating certain topics.


Elle said...

Small world! I saw your posting on the Textile Itinerant and we have met before at the SCBWI in LA last year! I go by Wawa Moore for illo work. Take care. Great blog!

Amy C. Moreno said...

How fun!!
We must have met in VA at the scbwi meeting. I haven't been to the LA conference yet (but would love to)
Thanks for the post, and for reading cachibachis! Keep in touch!
Are you going to the Oct. conference in Arlington?