Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Art Blog Things

Here are some blogs and links I've found recently for those interested in art blogs, whether it's to add your own blog to their lists, or look for other artist's blogs.
You can add your art blog to The Art List.
Here's one called Craftster.org. Lots of fun...
OK. This one isn't a specific blog about art, but the handmade cloth dolls made by Mimi Kirchner are wonderful.
I can't resist this one, called Wabi Sabi Threads, thoughts on dollmaking, fiber arts and creativity.
I got Betty Edward's book on Color out of the library. I need to buy it.
I also got How to draw Manga Animals by Hikaru Hayashi. I think I may buy it. It's beautifully illustrated. (not that I need any more books) I already bought Color Choices-Making Color Sense Out of Color Theory, by Stephen Quiller. I highly recommend it. I wish I had three times the number of hours in a day to study and work on all that I'd like to do in art, color, drawing, painting, creating, learning, taking art classes, more oil painting classes, and so much more. Being an artist is such a gift. I think no matter how old an artist grows, there's never boredom. There's so much to learn.


Bea said...

That Book on Color seems interesting! Thanks for the tip! I´m a huge fan of Betty Edwards books on drawing, so this definitely will be put on my wish list!

Amy C. Moreno said...

I have always appreciated her book about Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain. I've recommended it to many people who claim they "Can't draw a straight line."
This color book is a good one so far.

Bea said...

Thanks! :-))