Thursday, December 21, 2006

An Interweaving of Friends, Faith, and Fantastic Finds

I am having a blast these days with some wonderful connections that have happened since I posted below about Allison and Stacy, and Alice's blog. It's such an intemingled combining of connections that you'll do best to read their blogs to see what happened through the fantastic, quirky combination of faith, blogging, kindred spirits, and friendship. Anyone who thinks that miracles and mysteries do not abound at Christmas time can be assured...they do.

Here is a piece I wrote when thinking of my friend Maureen.
When she rose,
it was as if all of the prayers and wishes from a lifetime
rose with her
and as she passed through the entrance of heaven
she was transformed in a second
and each tear
and prayer
each unspoken wish
hidden in her heart
stored like jewels in a treasure box
held carefully for ages
was released in a silent dazzling burst of light.
Each wish was granted
each prayer heard
and bestowed
on those for whom it was made.
Each yearning filled
and words unspoken were known.

She made a way in her entry
for those below to walk more fully,
healed somehow in the midst of pain
united in the space she left.
Some thought they saw a feather
float to the ground
soft and white
and yet there was no bird.
Some heard a tinkling chime
in the distance.
Others saw a cloud
that looked like a dancer
whirling with a King.
I saw the twinkle of a rainbow in the clouds,
and I could have sworn
I heard her laughter
and a voice saying
"It's going to be Okay Kiddo"


Ginger*:) said...

Amy, that is so touching. You made me cry, and that isn't easy with me. Maureen must have been an amazing woman. You have shown such friendship with this loving poem.

Amy C. Moreno said...

She was incredible.