Saturday, October 08, 2005

Two Wonderful Freebies for Artists and Kid's Writers

It's a rainy day here in VA...which puts me in the chocolate chip cookie baking mood...maybe I'll bake some later..either that or molasses cookies. I have a great recipe for them, and the best thing's fast and easy.
I received the most recent Art Business News magazine in the mail the other day. It's a large, glossy full color magazine covering the latest news in art galleries, paintings, and technologies for artists. Even better, it's Free! Check out the website and sign up for it if you're interested.
An online news update that children's writers and illustrators would be interested in, is Publisher's Weekly Children's Bookshelf. There is also a weekly PW Comic Update and PW weekly, as well as Religion Bookline.
I may have noted this a few days ago, but wanted to make sure I got the info up.
Here's a great quote I just read about concentration and persistance:

"It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance and sweeps away all obstacles." -- Claude M. Bristol

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