Friday, August 25, 2006

The Fox and the Grapes

Here's an illustration I'm working on as a learning challenge. It's an 8"x10" oils.


Ginger*:) said...

AMy , these colors work so beautifully together. Do you have to wait a long time between applications for one color to dry before you keep painting. It has been so long since I used oils, but I remember being impatient waiting to add areas of color. Now if I use oils I usually try the water based kind, but they still need time to dry.....
These grapes look good enough to eat. I can't quite remember the fable...but I think there is a crow in there somewhere who can actually get to the grapes...oh, yeah...sour grapes, now I have it. Your distant landscape is working so well and the painterly quality over all is very effective. This painting really keeps my attention as I examine all the little surprises, like the bunny the tiny white blossoms and the distinctive bark on the tree.

Anonymous said...

Your painting is coming a long great with the new oils. Such a wonderful painterly feel. Really nice color palette. Love those old stories. They are so rich! So different from toady's stories. . .I really like the fact that you are showing the different plans on the hills by lines and varying the colors. The fox shows some great action! Grapes are really fun! Can't wait to see the finished piece! And like Ginger I think the little white flowers add a lot to it!

Great Job!