Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Bit Off-Topic...but Micro-enterprises's off -topic to children's illustration, (although at times I feel like I could use some micro-enterprise donations to my own cause as an illustrator), but here are two Micro-enterprises that do a fantastic job. I've heard of Opportunity International and know that it is a reputable and amazing organization. I'd love to give to them some day. The other one I found this afternoon is Kiva. Both of these organizations make it possible to change someone's life for the better in a profound, instant manner, without costing a huge amount of money.

I got started thinking about this again due to a newsletter called PND...Philathropy News Digest. There was an article about the Getty Museum promising to return 40 antiquities to Italy...which got me looking at some links and things and finding a book called A Billion Bootstraps, Microcredit, Barefoot Banking and The Business Solution for Ending Poverty, byPhilip Smith and Eric Thurman.
It's on my wish-list now.
Come to think of it...these things really aren't off-topic when it comes to kids...I think I feel a story idea coming on right now....

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