Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to School

School has started here in our area of Virginia now. What a mix of emotions and energy in our home. Scurrying to schools to sign up and get schedules, calling friends to see what group and classes they are in, running from store to store to find specific required items for classes, and clothes shopping. Seeing old friends and faces, all a bit more grown up and taller.

Time to dig in to fall and hit children's book/magazine market and the drawing board with renewed strength. Send out those postcards marketing your art, write more, draw more, create new images just for yourself and for promotion, continue to work on the projects you've got going, keep your chin up, take heart, there's a place in this field for you if you love it, and give yourself to it with the passion it deserves.

The 2008 CWIM is out now. (a MUST-HAVE for anyone serious about children's writing and publishing). Alice Pope's CWIM blog tells more about it, and is also a fount of info about the field.

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