Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Art Swappers Blog

I just started a brand new blog called Art Swappers. It's a blog open for membership to artists of all types. The main point is for artists to be able to exhange their art for art from others. It's in the beginning phase right now, and all artists interested may email me for membership with a short bio. Once you are accepted, you may post a piece for exchange with someone else. Exchanges are done by the honor system, and are your responsibility to work out. Any glitches are also in your hands.
I'll work out the details and the bugs if they come, as they come...but for now...it's OPEN!
(I'll post a piece of my own later for exchange)
You can post anything you have created yourself from oil paintings to digital work or photography, prints, fabric art, jewelry, sculpture, quilts, sketches, etc.
All copyrights are retained by the artist who created the piece of course.

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