Saturday, December 09, 2006

Who Are you Illustrating For?

I know, it seems so basic and obvious, but lately I've had to reformat my brain to remember who my children's illustrations are for! Although they must pass through a bevy of art directors, agents, publishers and other adults, and of course my own critical eyes and mind, they are for KIDS!
What a wonderful thing to remember and keep in the forefront of my mind when illustrating.
Recently I went through a discouraging time when posting online to a group of highly qualified, top-notch fine artists, and having a resounding silence when posting any of my work. (it's fine..I've gotten over it, but it was not fun)
I knew I could post more "fine art drawings and paintings" that could have gotten a response, but didn't, and don't have the time to be focusing on creating still life paintings and portraits right now.
The whole experience made me realize how silly it is to be posting things with an expectation for responses from fine artists who are focusing on still life paintings and portraits, when it's not my goal. Although I'd love to build my portrait skills, and am on the lookout for a class in the area, it's just not the time.
This all brought me back to my small group of amazing online children's illustrator friends who lovingly got me back on track and reminded me of WHO I am Illustrating for....the KIDS.
Keep it in mind when you sit to do your illustrations, if you've gotten bogged down as I had.
I'm ready to go now, with a child's perspective, hoping to create the best quality work I can, for them.


Anonymous said...

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Ginger*:)* said...

Oh Amy, what you say is so true. I am so glad you have blended this comment into your blog as so many illustrators for children need to remember for whom they are creating. The mission of the children's book illustrator is to create that magical world that children enter into each time they open a book. Three cheers for you!

Dee said...

Funny how easily we can forget, huh? To answer your long-ago posted question: my official due date is May 28th.

My students are freakishly involved, as anything having to do with me is by default, theirs also. You would not believe the name offers I've had. Ironically, many of them are the same as the suggester. hmmm....:)