Friday, December 08, 2006

Blogging From the Library

What better place for a children's illustrator to blog from than from the library. I finally have my laptop running online. I've got a wireless router at home, but have yet to figure out how to connect it correctly, thus the delay in being able to connect my laptop to the internet at home....grrrrr. I've tried various ways and connections, asked several experts at the appropriate companies, and have yet to have it running properly. I finally brought the laptop to the library to connect...libraries are a little bit of heaven on earth in my mind anyway, peace, quiet and uninterrupted access to books, internet, magazines and helpful librarians. Sheer bliss.

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Ginger*:)* said...

Amy we tried to set up our wireless router at home, but it will only work in the same room as the modem.... funny thing about our northwoods home, it is so well insulated that the wireless can't connect from floor to floor.

Our town does have a WI FI downtown, which means you can carry a laptop to the bookstore, the coffee house, or the library.

I hope you find that perfect little spot of heaven.