Thursday, December 21, 2006

Double Tag

Now I'm really playing tag. I've been tagged twice in the past few days and have to catch up. Katie tagged me most recently, so I'll play that one first, since I think I can figure out answers to her tag game easier than the other.
Five things most people do not know about me:
I have a twin sister who is also an artist (better than me, and a much more interesting person)
I lived in La Paz, Bolivia for nearly 5 years where I hiked up Chacaltaya (approximately 15,000 feet in altitude) risking limb and life in an exhilarating fashion just getting there on the bus first..
I had the 500 freestyle ( swim) record in my high school for about 3 years.
I was in a play in the early 70s at The Church on the Green (New Haven, CT) called "Noe's Flood" and played a polar bear. It was some sort of big deal, but at the time I didn't realize it.
I attended two concerts with Leroy Anderson conducting. I met him and have two autographs by him and a personal letter.

I'll deal with the next tag soon. I have no idea who to tag now. Most people that I know have done this one.

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