Friday, May 05, 2006

Two Picture Books with Great Art

I've been wanting to blog about some picture books for awhile now..and finally pulled the books out to mention them. The first one is Whaling Days by Carol Carrick, illustrated by David Frampton. Frampton's rich woodcuts are incredible. I got the book out mainly to look at his work. The book details the ancient whaling days, showing the process and work involved in a whaler's life. Frampton's illustrations are gorgeous, with an age-old feel to them, capturing the essence of life on a whaler's boat in the 1800's. The book is dedicated to the preservation of the Greenpeace Whale Campain.
The other book which I've borrowed from the library several times due to the illustrations, is Grandma's Latkes by Malka Drucker illustrated by Eve Chwast. Eve Chwast's illustrations in this book are woodcuts printed on Japanese rice paper. The effect is outstanding. This book is her first book. I noticed at least one more out with her illos in it, and I imagine she's keeping plenty busy with such talent.

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