Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's All About Connection....

I've been swimming with ideas lately on and offline about networking, trends, marketing and other odds and ends. In between finishing up an illustration project and planning for a line of artwork to license, caring for my three active kids and hyperactive husband (I say that in the kindest way possible. He is a gem, but when the two of us get together to brainstorm, it is exhilarating and exhausting)
He is reading Microtrends, a book I can't wait to get my hands on. I have also been following some savy folks on Twitter ( and Facebook and gleaning great ideas from them. I'll try to post links soon. My PC is still down, meaning I'm dependent on my laptop, which is carrying the Lion's share of the family's online load these days. 
I wish Blogger had a way to link blog posts to Facebook and Twitter. Anyone know if it does?

For any artists out there interested in licensing their art, I have started a group on yahoogroups for Critiquing art for Licensing, to help us hone our skill and succeed in that business. It's called Critsforartlicensing, and requires approval to join.  I have also started two groups for Artists who license on Facebook. (I'm learning the biz, but am not an expert, but figure we can all help each other learn and find resources and ideas

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