Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cakespy's website and Etsy shop

Cakespy left a kind comment on my blog, allowing me to find her blog and ETSY now I'm blogging them. Look at those Dee-lic-ious cupcakes on her blog! Love her ETSY shop too.
I recently updated my ETSY shop and have more to add finally. It has been on my t0-do list for quite awhile. If you've never visited ETSY...go and visit..but be warned, the all handmade item site is very addictive. I think it's one of the best venues online to see wonderful handmade items at excellent prices. It costs very little to have a shop there. They take a percentage from sales, and only a small amount to post each item.

1 comment:

Cakespy said...

Wow! What a sweet compliment! I am really glad you like my store, but I have to agree that Etsy is ridiculously addictive! I love those blue earrings in your shop...