Saturday, May 12, 2007

Been Busy

The reason for the spare offering of posts here lately is that I've been more swamped than ever with a variety of things. FIrst of all (and probably all that is needed to explain) is the addition of an SPCA dog to our home. He came into our lives about 2 weeks ago, and things have been more of an adventure than ever. I think he's a mix of German Shepherd and Austrailian Sheep dog, because he looks like a miniature German Shepherd. He was roaming the streets before he was rescued by the SPCA. His name was Grizzly when we got him.
On the art scene, I'm working on illustrations for a picture book, and have been attempting to pick up the pace, while also attending to needs at home with busy kids and that to explain the lack of blog posts. Hopefully I'll sneak a few in from time to time.

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