Friday, June 09, 2006

Excellent Books for Creative Types

Lately I indulged in buying 3 tremendous books for Creative people, dealing with the issues we deal with, and coming from a Christian viewpoint. Julia recommended The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer, and it is exceptional. I just got it today and from what I've already read, I highly recommend it. It's similar to Julia Cameron's book for artists, but from a more clearly Christian perspective.
I also bought The Heart of the Artist by Rory Noland...haven't even had a chance to crack it open yet..but will soon. The other book arrived the other day and I began it as well....(hmmmm...ADD?) It's also very good. It's called The Creative Life and is by Alice Bass. (I'll be taking a long car trip soon, so hopefully I'll have time then to read these.)
I just found Alice Bass's blog...gonna blog it in a second!

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