Sunday, October 07, 2007

News on the ABC Book Competition

I'm not sure if the news is public yet, but I wanted to thank everyone who generously took the time to vote for The Doll Violinist. Huge congratulations to the winner! Out of the other entries there were two others I would have voted for myself. My first choice other than ours, didn't win obviously and..the other preference won! (I don't want to spoil the news, so I won't mention the name)

Suffice it to say we didn't win, and we actually came out pretty far down the line.

I am so grateful though to the support and encouragement of so many people who took the time to vote and to care for the art and story, and to ask how it was going. Wow. You are all amazing. I am blessed beyond belief to have seen the care and time taken to give a hand and vote.

On to new adventures!


roz said...

I loved your artwork for the Doll Violinist, Amy, I was sure that if you guys didn't win , you would have been in the top three for sure.
We were low on the poll too. Pretty deflating! lol
Many congratulatios to the winner!
Nikki's art is fabulous and will really make the cute manuscript sing.

Amy C. Moreno said...

Id I hadn't been in the competition, I would have been voting for yours. It was my first choice,and Nikki's was next. I love her illo too.
The voting has no reflection on your art and on the story you illustrated either. I was shocked that you guys weren't the winners or at least second place. I'm really glad for Nikki though. Her illo is wonderful and it'll be a wonderful adventure and great to have her illos published!

Anonymous said...

I was rooting for you Amy!! I like the phrase "on to new adventures". Keep going girl!


Rebecca Sweet said...

Sorry I learned about all this too late to vote....and you surely would have had my vote. I'd love to see you illustrate "The Doll Violinist." It'd be nice to see it on a library shelf.

Rebecca Sweet said...
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Nikki said...


I can't tell you how much it means to have the praises of you and Roz!
I met you to via illogroup and have looked up to the both of you for your amazing art!

I really appreciate all the wonderful comments!
If anything else this competition has kicked me into gear to finally move forward into the field...

Thanks for everything!

Amy C. Moreno said...

I am so glad for you. Your work will make the book shine all the more. I know you've got great things in store for you!! Huge congratulations again!!