Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mixed media sites, artists and other Cachibachis

Ok..I'm going down a rabbit trail of great links and am just going to post the URLs for now since I have to get offline...
(I have some serious painting to do and should not be on the computer, but these sites are inspiring..so it's justifiable)

Pieces Of Me...Mixed Media ATC artist.
Art With Moxie...Mixed Media Artist..tons of wonderful links as well as the gorgeous art...and a wonderful selection of jewelry on her ETSY store.
After Midnight Art Stamps....distressing techniques, stamps for creating mixed media art and way too much for me to look at right now..but I'm saving the link for myself with this post.

on a side note...
do any of you get a sort of shot of adrenaline that brings on a bit of ADD type art craziness...where you want to do everything and you can't stop yourself? At the moment I am in the midst of creating illustrations for a wonderful story by Mayra Calvani..and when I'm not doing that, I bring one of my 5 knitting projects with me everywhere I go to keep myself happy (in waiting rooms at the dentist or in the car waiting for my kids etc.)
I'm in the midst of knitting scarflettes, arm warmers and other small projects of various types of yarn. I can get away with it since they are small and easy..but the results are wonderfully satisfying.


Cory said...

Hello Amy...
Thank you for the kudos and for including my websites in your wonderful blog. I will visit again.

May I include you in my links?

Have a great 2009.

Amy C. Moreno said...


I would be glad to be included in your links. Thanks so much!