Friday, July 20, 2007

Art and Alzheimers

Someone very dear to me is suffering with Alzheimers, thus my search for info about Art and Alzheimers. (I wondered what would come up online regarding using art to help those afflicted with Alzheimers. Here is one article I found so far, showing how art can awaken the mind and memory. Another interesting article, and take some time to read THIS favorite so far.

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Noell Hammer said...

I'm happy you found us, Amy. Art Without Boundaries™ uses pleasurable experiences: art, singing, movement and story-telling to remap the brain of an Alzheimer's patients and those with other related disorders. We call the process MnemeTherapy™ (to set it apart from art therapy or music therapy.) We invite everyone to visit our website to see the amazing paintings and remarkable stories of improvements: