Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Illustration Magazine

I just received my copy of The Illustration Magazine #15, featuring Bernie illustration hero. (I searched all over the internet for a copyof issue #15, since they had run out of copies..but now it seems they are in stock again, if anyone is interested) Mine came all the way from England.
I am hooked on that magazine, and of course have subscribed to it. Each high quality issue highlights a famous American Illustrator, with beautiful full color images of the art, and printed similarly to a book (the paper thickness and quality of the magazine is more like a book than a magazine.)


Ginger*:)* said...

If Bernie Fuchs is your illustration hero, Janet Fish is mine. Her paintings are glorious images of light and shadow, color and contrast. You can see some of her work here:

Amy C. Moreno said...

Her work is gorgeous. I can see the similarity of what you love in her color choices and luminosity..that glowing light. Your work has similar colors and light. Thanks for sharing her work/link. It's wonderful.