Friday, June 09, 2006


thefairfax This is so much fun! I just bought Alice's book, The Creative Life, and while searching for links I found her blog.


Alice Bass said...

Hi Amy!
Alice Bass here. So I log in to my One Stat counter to see who has dropped by to visit me (another trick to prime the creative pump -- looking at my audience helps me remember they are there and they want something from me!) and there are several visitors from some word I don't understand Cachi? So I click on the link and your audience has visited me today! How fun!
I recommend Janis' book too! She is a good friend of mine and we both live here in Central Florida -- when we attended a small church she would play the piano and I would sing to lead worship! Isn't that a small creative Christian world?
I hope you like Creative Life -- My heart's desire was that it would feed other believers and give them plenty of room to work out their own creativity. I"ll pray for your car trip.
In case you didn't get to trawl through my blog, my first entry explains my blog name thefairfax. But you may have guessed that growing up I lived in Fairfax, Va.
See, it is a really small world.
Thanks for buying my book and even more for using it.
Blessings on your work!

Edward said...

hi Amy
thanks for the link to my blog a while back.
i havent updated it for a while but intend to do more.

Amy C. Moreno said...

Alice and Edward,
Thanks so much for stopping by! I was thrilled to find your blog Alice, and so impressed with your book. What fun to have you post here! Edward..your work is wonderful. Keep up the blog and the fantastic art! Glad to have you both take the time to look at my blog. Alice, keep in touch. Do you ever do talks in VA? I'd love to come to hear you speak sometime.